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Changes coming to the way Rochester handles complaints against police

BY CHRISTINE CARRIE FIEN The group that has been reviewing the way Rochester handles complaints against members of its police department will present recommendations for change at a public meeting tomorrow night. Among those recommendations: giving people who file complaints against the police an advocate to help them through the process, and hiring someone to […]

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT: Ward’s gets dubious honor

BY JEREMY MOULE Ward’s Natural Science has earned a dubious distinction: it’s one of the inaugural inductees into the Corporate Tax Dodgers Hall of Shame. The Hall of Shame, which is a satirical website, was created by the Getting Our Money’s Worth Coalition, which is made up of labor and progressive activist groups from across […]

MEDICINE: Blood on the brain

BY TIM LOUIS MACALUSO Head injuries bring roughly 1.7 million people to the nation’s emergency rooms every year. During his early years in emergency medicine, Dr. Jeffrey Bazarian worried about these patients and the severity of their injuries. He says he couldn’t even be sure if someone had a concussion. The technology has improved, Bazarian […]

EDUCATION: Iffy results for incentive pay

  BY TIM LOUIS MACALUSO The Rochester school district has paid thousands of dollars in extra income to teachers through programs designed to test incentive pay. The state and federal governments are investing in the programs — one in its third year and another set to launch in the fall — to test a key […]


ENVIRONMENT: Get involved in anti-frack efforts In July, I traveled to Washington with a busload of other local people for a rally to help convince our government to protect its people for the devastating assault on public health and safety that is called hydrofracking. This national effort drew about 5000 people. Ten years ago, when […]

COST OF WAR: 8/22/12

AFGHANISTAN TOTALS — 2097 US servicemen and servicewomen and 1,049 Coalition servicemen and servicewomen have been killed in Afghanistan from the beginning of the war and occupation to August 17. Statistics for Afghan civilian casualties are not available. American casualties from August 8 to 15: — Capt. Matthew P. Manoukian, 29, Los Altos Hills, Calif. […]

URBAN ACTION: 8/22-8/29

This week’s calls to action include the following events and activities. (All are free and open to the public, unless otherwise noted.) Charter school public meeting The Rochester school board will hold a public hearing at 6 p.m. on Thursday, August 23, on the renewal of the charter application for the Rochester Academy Charter School. […]

Lightfoot, Cruz court ruling expected in the next couple of days

BY CHRISTINE CARRIE FIEN Attorney Van White says his clients, John Lightfoot and Jose Cruz, should learn in the next couple of days whether or not they can stay on the ballot for State Assembly. Lightfoot and Cruz hope to take on incumbent Assembly member David Gantt in a Democratic primary next month, but the […]

URBAN JOURNAL: The City School District – Can this system work?

BY MARY ANNA TOWLER “Who is in charge of America’s urban schools? Everyone and no one. We Americans love divided government. Distrustful of power, we established a constitution with three branches of government, each designed to check the power of the others. “We have done the same thing with our schools. What could be more […]

Decision pending on Cruz, Lightfoot petitions

BY JEREMY MOULE Jose Cruz and John Lightfoot will have to wait for a judge’s ruling on their petitions. The Democrats want to run a primary against incumbent State Assembly member David Gantt. But a citizen, Ruth Brooks-Ward, is challenging the validity of their petitions in State Supreme Court. A second hearing on the case […]