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A new kind of biker flick

[ REVIEW ] by George Grella “Premium Rush” (PG-13), directed by Da vid Koepp Now playing The movie begins with a scary collision between a bicycle and an automobile, which sends the cyclist flying through the air in extremely slow motion, flipping over a few times and landing hard his back. After that moment, with […]

The kindness of strangers

[ REVIEWS ] by Dayna Papaleo “Lucky” (NR), written and directed by Avie Luthra Opens Friday, September 5 For as long as they’ve been making movies, they’ve been making movies in which a crabby older person finds purpose and redemption by caring for a younger person in serious need of guidance. Titles as varied as […]

MOVIE REVIEW: “The Bourne Legacy”

BY GEORGE GRELLA “The Bourne Legacy” (PG-13), directed by Tony Gilroy Now playing Following “Identity,” “Supremacy,” and “Ultimatum,” the latest picture in the highly successful Bourne franchise, “The Bourne Legacy,” follows the established formula fairly closely, but also adds a good deal to the collection and even to its genre. Unlike most of the summer […]

MOVIE REVIEW: Project 5 at the Little Theatre

BY DAYNA PAPALEO Project 5 Friday, August 24-Thursday, August 30 Little Theatre, 240 East Ave. When the Little Theatre first opened in 1929, its mission was to show “art films that appeal to the intelligent and sophisticated,” and more than 80 years later it still strives to do just that. Yeah, there was that brief […]


Film Times Fri August 24-Thur August 30 Schedules change often. Call theaters or check for updates.   Brockport Strand 637-3310 89 Main St, Brockport THE CAMPAIGN: 5:15, 7:15, 9:15;also Fri-Sun1:15, 3:15; HIT AND RUN: 5:10, 7:10, 9:10; also Fri-Sun1:10, 3:10; PARANORMAN: 5, 7, 9; also Fri-Sun 1, 3.   Canandaigua Theatres 396-0110 Wal-Mart Plaza, […]


Film Previews Full film reviews available at [ OPENING ] 48 HRS. (1982): Eddie Murphy’s feature-film debut teamed him with Nick Nolte in Walter Hill’s odd-couple action flick about a wisecracking criminal on temporary parole to help a cop solve a murder. Dryden (Thu, Aug 23, 8:30 p.m.) THE APPARITION (PG-13): Ashley Greene (“Twilight”) […]


BY GEORGE GRELLA “The Campaign” (R), directed by Jay Roach Now playing If “The Ides of March,” which appeared in theaters last year, demonstrated some gritty, depressing truths about the political process, in this endless and painful election season it seems perfectly appropriate to observe the other side of the subject in comic form. Certainly […]


BY DAYNA PAPALEO “Ruby Sparks” (R), directed by Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris Now playing By now the Manic Pixie Dream Girl is a cinematic staple, the quirky, unstable beauty who pedals into a man’s life on her vintage Schwinn and helps make him better. It’s male-daydream hogwash, and screenwriter Zoe Kazan helps to deconstruct […]


BY DAYNA PAPALEO “Dark Horse” (R), written and directed by Todd Solondz Opens Friday Not so fast, you. This might not be one of those times when you can skim the first and last paragraphs of a review to quickly learn whether the writer liked the art in question. Honestly, you could read the whole […]


Film Previews Full film reviews available at [ OPENING ] THE BIG NIGHT (1951): This film noir by blacklisted director Joseph Losey stars John Barrymore, Jr. as a teenager who comes of age as he goes looking for the man who beat up his beloved father. Dryden (Tue, Aug 21, 8 p.m.) CLOSE ENCOUNTERS […]