EDUCATION: Malgieri and Urbanski

Your August 1 article re. new appointments to the Rochester school district administration once again demonstrates one of the major impediments to better education in Rochester (“Vargas Heats Things Up”).

Adam Urbanski does not consider Patty Malgieri “a friend of public education‚” based on his experience with her at the Center for Governmental Research. From my extensive volunteer experience at CGR during the period to which he refers, I found Patty to be passionate about what was or was not happening in Rochester public education. The Center’s fact-based conclusions and recommendations to the school district may not have fit Mr. Urbanski’s agenda, but they could have made that universe more mission driven and successful.

His is the missing friendship.


CRIME: The roots of our violence

I agree with the main point of “Accepting Violence” (Urban Journal): “Collectively, we have developed a culture of violence; we glorify it.” But rather (again) taking the easy route of finger-pointing at the NRA and certain politicians, where is the ”courage and leadership” to also go after our fabled institution‚ Hollywood?

Be it movies (such as Batman), TV shows‚ or violent video games (which this paper reviews), it would seem that Hollywood certainly has a great deal of culpability in pushing this “culture of violence” on the American population.

Oh, yes, I know the old argument: “Nobody forced you to buy that ticket or watch that show.” But could it be that the influence of the violent Hollywood culture leads some of these sick individuals – who have exercised their First Amendment rights by viewing the violent trash – to then exercise their Second Amendment rights and purchase their weapon of choice?

Naw, it’s just easier to continue to blame the Second Amendment‚ the NRA‚ and certain politicians. Hollywood, it seems, is off limits.




  1. Al Kempf – the impact of violent movies, TV shows and video games on “sick individuals” is open for debate. And as layman, your opinion or mine carry no weight.

    But speaking of the Second Amendment, what is not debatable is that James Holmes was a law- abiding citizen who acquired his guns legally. As did Seung-Hui Cho of Virginia Tech infamy.

    So do we sit around debating who or what is more to blame while the body count rises?

  2. Havahd St · · Reply

    The problem for me seems to be that the gun-nuts interpret the Second Amendment as seemingly the MOST important amendment and believe that it should apply to everyone no matter what the case. Really, it should be a privilege to have a gun after you have proved that you aren’t a crazy person, or even just someone who has any idea what they’re doing. The fact that it took me a year to get a driver’s license, yet I could go buy a gun without any training is ludicrous.

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