VIDEO GAMES: Nintendo unveils 3DS holiday line-up

Layton returns with “Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask” for the Nintendo 3DS on October 28.

by Willie Clark

With summer winding down, Nintendo has released its upcoming holiday handheld  release schedule.

The biggest hitter, “Paper Mario: Sticker Star,” will be arriving on the 3DS on November 11, marking the first time the RPG paper-art series has hit a handheld console.

Also of note, puzzle gamers will be excited to hear that “Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask,” will be arriving on October 28, including  bonus daily puzzles that can be downloaded for a full year after launch.

But, fans of  ghost hunting are going to have to wait a little longer: Buried in the release was the delay of “Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon,” which has been pushed back to a “first half” of 2013 release.  Eeks.

Several new titles were also announced, include a sequel to Freakyforms, “Freakyforms Deluxe: Your Creations, Alive!” which will be available via the Nintendo eShop on November 5. For the photographer inside of you, “Sparkle Snapshots 3D” is also coming to the eShop on October 18, allowing you to jazz up your  photos with various 3D effects, such as stickers (a new theme?) and ribbons.

Not surprisingly, Nintendo was mum on any Wii titles, or the Wii U release, which is expected to be given a final launch date in the coming months.

Willie was very excited for Luigi’s Mansion and sad to see it pushed back to next year. If you want to help him get over this, or grieve with him, be sure to follow him on Twitter or Facebook


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