NEWS BLOG: Would armed civilians have stopped the Aurora carnage? Cop says no.

Would there have been fewer victims at Aurora if other theatergoers had been carrying weapons? An experienced cop says no. FILE PHOTO


Predictably, in the days following the Aurora, Colorado, tragedy, some gun enthusiasts have argued that if several theatergoers had been carrying concealed weapons that night, they could have limited the number of people killed and wounded. We heard the same suggestions after the Gabby Giffords shooting and after the Virginia Tech shooting.

It was good to read in this morning’s Times, then, the op-ed piece by Michael Black, a former Chicago police officer.

Black relates some of his own experience with armed criminals – and he emphasizes the difficulty that well-trained, experienced officers have when they’re faced with someone with a gun.

In the Aurora theater, with the sights and sounds of the movie combining with gunshots from a live person and a panicking crowd: “Even a highly trained armed police officer would have been caught off guard,” Black writes. “Try adding a bunch of untrained, armed civilians into the mix – this type of intervention could have made things much worse.”



  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    Well no more discussion is needed here folks. One cop said it wouldn’t help, case closed.

  2. We can surmise what ifs, but in Aurora, CO it’s illegal to possess a concealed firearm. If anyone in that theater had possessed a firearm, they would be breaking the law. The media refuses to disclose this little bit of information that would have taken less than a minute to look up. Instead, they wish to push the anti-gun agenda.

  3. What could be more conducive to creating a safer America than ensuring that a fire fight breaks out every time some nut or crook pulls a gun?

    I can see the NRA slogan now…”Return America to Greatness by Returning Fire !”.

  4. Havahd St · · Reply

    My solution is to lower the penalty for stabbings and somehow increase the penalty for gun violence…if you actually had to go up to someone to kill them, a lot of gun-toting tough guys wouldn’t be able to just fire indiscriminately

  5. Paul Goldberg · · Reply

    Assume a well trained citizen with a legal concealed weapon pulled it out to shoot the shooter. How is a police officer entering the scene to know which is the killer and which is the “legal” shooter merely defending everyone else. He just appears to the police as another dangerous person with a gun. Make that target. After the dust settles how is anyone to know that the man in the seat was not a confederate of the shooter’s?

  6. Tom Janowski · · Reply

    What’s sad is there is a small minority of Americans who believe the best thing and the most important thing about America is being able to own a gun.

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