Richards: Kodak not in a position to make deal with MCC

[UPDATED 4:05 p.m.] MCC President Anne Kress responded to Mayor Tom Richards’ comments with this statement: “The Kodak bankruptcy does not change the fact that the recommended site for MCC’s new downtown campus is the best location for our students, taxpayers and College. We are confident that by following the prescribed bankruptcy process the project can be completed as planned.”


Although MCC and Kodak officials say otherwise, Rochester Mayor Tom Richards insists that the Kodak bankruptcy will affect the college’s proposed move to Kodak’s State Street campus. It has to, he says.

Kodak officials have told me that the bankruptcy will not affect the deal. But Richards says Kodak is not in a position to reassure anybody at the moment.

“The fact of the matter is the Kodak bankruptcy has put this thing very much in the air,” he says. “The Eastman Kodak people today, with all due respect to them, are not in a position to make a commitment. They don’t have the authority to do it.”

Richards says Kodak and MCC are not acknowledging the inherent consequence of going bankrupt: you give up a significant amount of control over your immediate future.

“That’s what bankruptcy is all about,” he says. “In return for not paying my debts, I hand over responsibility to somebody else. To keep saying, ‘Oh, no, nothing changed.’ This city’s got to grow up, man.”


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  1. cliint · · Reply

    I wish the Mayor would be a bit more reasonable in his style of governing. He acts like a child that stomps his feet when things are not going his way. MCC does not want to be in the Sibley building…get over it! He sould focus on what is good for MCC, not what is good for a Boston based real estate developer who may buy the building from Tom Wilmot’s non tax paying ownership. This is about that, not about the students MCC serves. Mayor, please worry about us…not your investor!

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