NEWS BLOG: Angry Blog, Part 3 – Boy Scout bigotry


Words fail.

A committee studying whether the Boy Scouts of America should let gay children be Scouts and gay and lesbian adults be Scout leaders has wrapped up its work – begun in 2010. And yesterday, it announced its decision.

The Scouts will continue to discriminate.

No gays and lesbians allowed.

The decision puts the Boy Scouts of America on the side of bigotry – and, whether the Scouts like this reminder or not, it gives cover and comfort to the bullies who mock and attack gays and lesbians.

The Scouts organization should be roundly, and publicly, opposed by everybody interested in equal rights, by everybody concerned about the pain the LGBT community continues to suffer from the hostility of homophobic bigotry. And the churches, school districts, and other institutions that provide meeting space for Scout troops should stop offering that shelter.



  1. You miss the point that it is a PRIVATE org and as such has the rights to set it’s rules. Diversity does not men everyone doing what you want. I do not care about the issue one way or the other except for the drumbeat of “I demand you do what I want”

  2. j.a.m. · · Reply

    The authoress is entitled to her ideology, as well as her umbrage that not everyone sees the world as she does. But in a pluralistic society she is not entitled to indulge her ugly intolerance, as she proposes to do, through a campaign of intimidation and harassment that will do nothing but hurt thousands of innocent kids. Shame on anyone advocating such a thing.

    Families have the right to direct their own children’s moral formation without outside interference. Frankly it is refreshing to hear that common sense and moral values can still prevail against political correctness and misguided ideology. Kudos to the BSA for reaching an honest conclusion that values the interests of families more than the approval of editorial writers.

  3. Havahd St · · Reply

    First of all, I’m not sure how lesbians would fit into the BOY Scouts.
    I have the same feeling about this as I do about Augusta National not allowing women-they are a PRIVATE organization that can allow who they want…is anyone outraged that Mercy High School doesn’t allow men?
    Also, if the Boy Scouts are so against having gays and lesbians, do you really want to be a part of the organization if you are gay? If they are being forced to allow you, do you really think you will feel welcome?

  4. As an Eagle Scout who decided on the ministry at the National Boy Scout Jamboree in 1951; as the father of two Eagle Scouts; and as the grandfather of a nine-year-old Cub Scout, I am appalled by the Boy Scouts of America’s blatant homophobia. Obviously scouting has meant a great deal to me and its values of self-reliance, love of nature and cooperation are sterling. Why, then, must it yield to an archaic, and immoral perspective? I believe local scout leaders should reject the position of the BSA. The Girl Scouts and Campfire Girls are enlightened on this issue. What is the matter with the BSA? Private or not, there is such a think as morality.

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