NEWS BLOG: Angry Blog, Part 2 – Paterno


I’m still angry about the adulation and deference being given to the Penn State hero, the late Joe Paterno. And I’ve sided with critics calling for Penn State to remove the big statue to Paterno that stands in front of the school’s football stadium.

So it was curious to read, this morning, not one but two columns suggesting that Penn State keep the statue right where it is. Both columns – by the D&C’s Leo Roth and Times guest columnist Ta-Nehisi Coates – argued that the statue would remind people of Penn State’s child-abuse scandal, that it would be a tribute to the children Jerry Sandusky abused.

Ya think?

If Penn State needs a tribute to the victims of child abuse, how about statues of children?


One comment

  1. I also think that all criminals should be kept out of prison, to serve as a constant reminder of their crimes.

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