POLITICS: Carbone to run for vacant Lej seat


Democrat Vinnie Esposito’s County Legislature seat isn’t even officially vacant, and already a November election battle is taking shape.

Republican Joe Carbone announced his candidacy this afternoon at County Republican headquarters. Carbone, a podiatrist who lives in Irondequoit and has his office in the town, ran against Esposito last year.

Esposito is resigning from the Legislature, effective July 20, to become deputy regional director of Empire State Development.

Carbone’s opponent for the Lej seat could be Democrat Stephanie Aldersley. This morning, Aldersley confirmed she wants to be appointed to the job. Aldersley had been rumored to be a possible county clerk candidate.

Democrats will select a replacement for Esposito, which must be approved by the full Legislature. Aldersley says she also plans to run for the seat in November, provided she gets the Irondequoit Democratic Committee’s endorsement. She’s appearing before the committee tonight, she said earlier today.

Irondequoit is something of a swing state, as Monroe County communities go. Carbone lost by 800 votes this past November in a race where more than 7,000 votes were cast. This year’s race could be similarly competitive.



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  1. Interesting. When I google “LEJ” I find references to the organization, Literacy for Environmental Justice, to the Leipzig/Halle Airport in Germany, to Leonard Earl Johnson’s blog, to the Pakistani terrorist group Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, to the body of water Lej de Staz near St. Moritz, and to the LEJ-640 inkjet printer. What I don’t find (for obvious reasons) is the use of “L-E-J” as a recognized abbreviation for “LeGislature.

    Perhaps City should concentrate more on reporting the news and less on coining unnecessary, embarrassing and annoying literary reductions?

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