NEWS BLOG: CPAC whiz kid Jonathan Krohn outgrows conservatism


We’ve all known super-brainy kids. We’re awed by the purity of their intelligence and their ease at processing so much information despite their age.

But they can be a little annoying, too.

That’s what I thought when I heard then-13-year-old Jonathan Krohn, the prodigious Right Winger who spoke at the Conservative Political Action Conference several years ago.

Krohn wowed CPAC members, mocking President Obama’s reliance on a teleprompter. Krohn, who didn’t speak from a prepared talk, much less use a teleprompter, soon became the Republican Party’s little darling.

But Krohn is not a little boy anymore. At 17, his maturity has somehow made him more humane. He reads a lot of philosophy, he says, and he’s planning to attend New York University, where he’ll study that subject in the fall. And he seems to have outgrown his childhood fascination with conservative ideology, which has drawn the wrath of the same conservatives who once hailed him as a future party leader.

Krohn approves of Obamacare and, he says, he would vote for Obama, except he won’t be old enough to be a registered voter for the 2012 election. Though he says he isn’t a liberal, Krohn stepped away from conservatives because of their angry views on social issues.

Krohn is now pro-choice and he supports same-sex marriage.

He recently described his CPAC speech as “naïve,” saying it’s impossible to have formed all of your ideas by such an early age.

There’s only one thing to conclude from Krohn’s transformation: read more philosophy.



  1. j.a.m. · · Reply

    According to the author, virtually all of the earth’s seven billion inhabitants must be “angry”, because they understand that the institution of marriage is based on the facts of life and is not really up for renegotiation.

    Moreover, according to this author, speaking out on behalf of the right to life of the innocent and defenseless makes you “angry”.

    Got it?

  2. Never heard of Krohn until now. But a brainy 13 year old is still a 13 year old. And I always suspect that the average Conservative exhibited an intellectual and emotional age of about 13.

  3. What of any number of us, many of whom have read plenty of philosophy, who outgrew our childhood fascination with liberal ideology? I suspect if one is stuck on condescending bumpersticker canards like “smart makes you liberal”, you’ll probably not understand how this could happen. Perhaps if you interacted honestly with more real conservatives and fewer caricatures.

    Until then,

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