NEWS BLOG: Democrats need to stand up – proudly – for health-care bill


There’ll be a lot learned over the next few days, and a lot written, about this morning’s Supreme Court ruling, but one thing’s clear: Republicans want to make this a key issue in the presidential and Congressional campaigns

Conservative groups are furious. (“The US Constitution died today,” says a press release from Americans for Limited Government.) And House Republicans say they’ll hold a vote – on July 11 – to repeal the law.

That vote won’t threaten the law, since there’s no chance that the Democrats who control the Senate will go along. But it will get a lot of publicity and ramp up the Republicans’ campaigns.

Now it’s time for Democrats to stand up for the bill they approved. They’ve been far too quiet as Republicans have ridiculed the law and distorted its provisions. Silence and cowardice won’t win them votes. And it certainly won’t benefit the public.



  1. Not only do Republicans want to make this a campaign issue but many Americans want to make this a campaign issue. Thankfully, Justice Roberts had the wisdom to return this issue to the voters who can choose in November if they want a Federal Government who wants more involvement in their lives or less. We know which direction Obama is taking us and we hear what Romney is saying. November we will know where the American people stand.

  2. Still waiting to see how Obama will reconcile his contention that the individual mandate isn’t a tax when the SC ruled it constitutional because it is, in essence, a tax. I realize that this is a simplism, but sometimes you have to deal with City Newspaper posters at their own level {:~)

  3. j.a.m. · · Reply

    The juxtaposition with the author’s comments about Detroit is striking. Liberals want to do to our health care system what they have done to Detroit. For G-d’s sake, don’t let them!

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