POLICE: Bug Jar should reopen shortly


Police say the Bug Jar’s owners are taking steps that’ll allow the iconic bar to reopen in the wake of a fatal shooting Monday night. Deavoughn D. Hernandez-Ruffin of Rochester was shot and killed outside the venue, following a fight that broke out at a show hosted by the club.

“Assuming everything goes according to schedule, the Bug Jar will reopen shortly,” said Sergeant Joe Wukitsch of the RPD’s License and Permits Unit.

He said that he didn’t have a specific timeframe, but “suffice to say it could possibly be a week or so.”

Bug Jar representatives met with the RPD and the southeast Neighborhood Service Center today to discuss the bar’s security, and the expectations of city law, police, and code enforcement officials. The Bug Jar will make changes regarding its security, Wukitsch said.

“They want to do the right thing,” he said.

Wukitsch said that, going forward, the police department plans proactive enforcement in the area. He didn’t offer specifics, but did say that would probably include an increased police presence.


One comment

  1. Two City blogs on this bar in one day. Why all the free advertising badly disguised as “news”?

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