Video Game News: 3DS XL, Namco Bandai developing next “Super Smash Bros.” Game

Updated with 3DS XL info.

In the Japanese version of their Nintendo Direct conference, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata revealed that the next entries in the “Super  Smash Bros.” series would be developed by Namco Bandi, under direction of Masahiro Sakurai.

Sakurai has, along with just finishing up the 3DS title “Kid Icarus: Uprising,” overseen the creation and development of the Smash series, but this is the first time an outside developer has been trusted with Nintendo’s first party fighting franchise.

Nintendo also revealed a new 3DS hardware model, the 3DS XL. The screens are 90% larger than the original 3DS.  The larger version of the system does not add a second circle pad, however. The system launches August 19th for $199.

What do you think? Why did Nintendo wait to announce this after E3? Which Namco Bandai characters do you want to see? And can another developer do Smash justice?


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