Rochester rallies support for the Bug Jar

  1. With news breaking yesterday that the Bug Jar has voluntarily closed until at least until Friday, Rochesterians have been rallying support for the local music venue. Here’s just a quick look at what people have been saying.
  2. Melissa L Walker
    :( so many unfortunate things surround this. Hip hop should also get its time on the stage…and the more these things happen, the harder that becomes for artists. The Bug Jar is a freaking landmark on top of it all. I’d love to see some dialog started to bridge the gaps.

    Tue, Jun 19 2012 09:13:15
  3. John Magnus Champlin
    If by chance you have been living under a stone & not heard the news, there was a shooting recently at one of my favorite locations here in the Roc. The location, the Bug Jar, which has been one of the best music & art venues in this city for decades. Now, thanks to a single event, the city has the power to shut this location down. I’m not trying to downplay the tragedy that has happened, or the life that was lost. What I’m trying to point out is that simply close a location down due to a single tragic incident is as knee-jerk of a reaction as you can get. What do you get for punishing the masses and shutting down a business able to thrive during a less than grand time? You get people far removed from this scene feeling like they “have done something”. But, that doesn’t help nor nurture our delicate and always growing society. It takes great strength to perceiver, and the rewards are not just shown in business or the economy it helps, but upon the faces of those in its community that have taken part to ensure their mutual success. A true showing of the strength and character of this city would be to accept the events that have transpired, and to work on improving our communities so events like this don’t happen again.

    Tue, Jun 19 2012 15:39:49
  4. tympanogram
    man, Bug Jar. it will be a serious hole in the Rochester music community if it’s shut down permanently.

    Wed, Jun 20 2012 11:17:11
  5. Chris Teal
    I was just down at the Bug Jar and it was very calm. Talked to a few people who shared their story of the shooting, I don’t think this terrible circumstance is representative of the club, the clientele, or the neighborhood. This is an awful situation, and I hope that the family of the victim is receiving the support they need.

    Tue, Jun 19 2012 00:19:06
  6. xSweetassbunzx
    just now realizing how fucking bummed i’ll be if the Bug Jar gets closed down. One of the last cool venues around here.

    Wed, Jun 20 2012 02:17:44
  7. rondertaker
    if the bug jar gets shut down over this BS it will be a tragedy, but cut out the quasi-racist anti-rap bullshit. genres dont kill.

    Tue, Jun 19 2012 09:25:11
  8. ReallyJoshLyons
    I really hope something works out with the Bug Jar. Every other local club pretty much sucks in comparison in my opinion….

    Tue, Jun 19 2012 10:29:23


  1. so. not. right.

  2. A venue I frequent often and will continue to. None of these articles do the Bug Jar justice. It is a safe incredible venue and the heart and pulse of Rochester’s music scene. They should have included the fact that this was rare and unheard of.

    My heart goes out to the victim of this altercation. Bug Jar is not a traditional place for rap and it is unfortunate that this show served as a platform for what will likely turn out to be gang related violence.

    I do not fear this city, I instead respect it and believe in it’s continued future.

    Bug Jar will not close, because simply it cannot!

  3. Hey folks, many of you know me as having run the indie fest in Rochester the last few years, and I will start with what I told the City when I first got involved and the event was based in the Wedge: “You can not hold an Independent Music Festival without the Bug Jar, period.” Since Milestones closed, there is one and one venue only in Rochester that has offered rising music acts the platform to take the stage and the next big step. They have nurtured a community like no other, not least through the efforts of Tim Avery who is basically the awesomest person in Rochester – for three years I have not made a single plan for an event without finding out what the Bug Jar is doing that night or how they can help.

    They are welcoming of all genres and all styles, and it is truly unfortunate not only that this incident has tainted the venue and the music represented, but even more so that it taints the 90% of the community who would never set foot in the show that evening and certainly never be violent. With the closure of the Bug Jar, and I say this with whatever authority and experience you’ll grant me – Rochester, yes, would adapt. Our people are too good and creative for it not to, but in the meantime a serious blow would be dealt to our community and an institution that is not the owners, and not one genre or one group of people, but many, many more.

    I imagine that the law shutting down bars after multiple incidents exists for one of two reasons: because the crowd has gotten unruly, or because the owners are {insert plural expletive here}. Neither is the case, and especially not the first one – and the Bug Jar is so unique in our community as a venue that it does not deserve to be closed down as any other bar might.

    If anything, they are victims of their own welcoming and trusting nature that has let them extend a hand to creative minds of all kinds in the city, constantly pushing boundaries, constantly trying new things, and with that they deserve to be worked with and not merely punished.

  4. The Bug Jar is a Rochester institution. One that has stood the test of time and I hope the city will make the right decision and leave it be. Let’s not let one tragedy lead to even further loss for all in our community who find the Bug Jar to be a safe, fun, accepting local hang-out.

  5. i was there opening night.

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