JAZZ: Dino Dinicolo

How many things can you do with a five-string bass and a human voice? If you’re Dino Dinicolo the answer is an infinite amount. On the bass he runs the gamut from Jaco Pastorius-like harmonics to Victor Wooten-esque rhythmic slapping. As far as his voice goes, singing is merely the start. His beatboxing seems to include a full drum set. A host of other special effects seem to come from somewhere deep inside. And when he combines a bizarre vocal sound with an unusual bass pattern, the effect can be otherworldly. Dinicolo may look like a mild-mannered man, but he’s really a one-man heavy-metal jazz band.

Dino Dinicolo plays Sunday, June 24, 7-9 p.m. at Lovin’ Cup, 300 Park Point Drive. Free. — BY RON NETSKY

FOLK: Maria Gillard

Simple, soft, and sweet folk music at the core: Maria Gillard (and her acoustic guitar) produce storytelling folk music honed over a 25-year career of performing and composing. Band members John Cianciola (piano), Mike Patric (bass), and Peter Monacelli (drums) round out Gillard’s sound for this performance. The Little’s other Jazz Fest offerings include nine nights of music during the festival, including performances by Annie Wells, The Jane Mutiny, Uptown Groove, and WAKOS. For a full schedule visit the website.

Maria Gillard plays Monday, June 25 at 7:30 at Little Theatre Café, 240 East Ave. Free. — BY WILLIE CLARK


If DMX was an Olympic athlete, he’d be Michael Phelps or the Dream Team or a boxer so dominant that he’s never lost a fight. Up until the East Coast rapper’s sixth album, “Year of the Dog,” DMX never knew what it was like to come in second place. The Yonkers, NY native’s first five albums all debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard charts. By the numbers, DMX is the king of hardcore rap. Like his best-known single, “Party Up (Up in Here),” DMX is loud, profane, and rambunctious. His highly anticipated seventh album, “Undisputed,” is scheduled to drop on June 26.

DMX plays Friday, June 22 at 11 p.m. at Water Street Music Hall, 204 N. Water St. $25-$30. — BY ROMAN DIVEZUR

HIP-HOP/DJ: Sugar Hill Gang

Ever wondered what happened to Sugar Hill Gang? Roll on down to the depths of Dub Land on Saturday to get your dose of some old-school hip-hop. Best known for the 1979 hit “Rapper’s Delight,” the group has by no means quit touring, and has released several albums in the interim, including one specifically for children. You can also catch tracks spun by a couple of DJs, including DJ Too Chill, DJ Silly Cutty, and Browlic Bros to get the vibe going.

Sugar Hill Gang plays Saturday, June 23 at 9 p.m. at Dub Land Underground, 315 Alexander St. $25-$35. 232-7550. — SUZAN PERO

BLUES: Peter Novelli

New Orleans guitarist Peter Novelli starts with the blues and ends with the blues. In between those indigo goal posts the man throws in zydeco and swamp boogie. He shreds thick and heavy, funky and mean. He’s like a cape-less guitar hero one minute, or a gently strumming Delta troubadour the next, and then he careens into live polyrhythmic jams. It’s red hot throughout. He has shared the stage and the studio with cats like Dr. John and Chris Thomas King (“O Brother Where Art Thou?”) to name a few. Genuine road-burnin’ blues.

Peter Novelli performs Thursday, June 21, 9 p.m. at Sticky Lips Juke Joint, 830 Jefferson Road. $5. 292-5544, — BY FRANK DE BLASE


Combining eclectic saxophone playing with electronic beats and world rhythms, Balkan Beat Box is a seemingly natural fusion of traditional world-musical styles and catchy dance-inspiring tunes. Formed by Ori Kaplan (of Gogol Bordello fame) and Tamir Muskat (formally of Firewater), and rounded out by Tomer Yosef, the trio blends saxophone, drums, and electronic programming, sampling and mixing, resulting in a multicultural rave of ethnic proportions, and one wild dance party. The group opens for Lauren Mann & The Fairly Odd Folk and Rusted Root.

Balkan Beat Box performs Thursday, June 21, 5 p.m. as part of Party in the Park at the Riverside Festival Site (Exchange Boulevard). $2. — BY WILLIE CLARK

POP/ROCK: Motion City Soundtrack

The arc of a long-running band’s career is often marked by a maturation process. Songwriting changes are made to broaden signature sounds, and lyrics begin to tackle more serious subject matter than girls and booze. Minnesota’s Motion City Soundtrack is not exempt from this process. While not completely eschewing its catchy brand of straight-forward, four-chord pop-punk songs, on the band’s fifth studio album “Go” — released this month — MCS has tied together the travails of a life on the road into an album the band members’ former selves wouldn’t have been able to complete. As is often the case, that life on the road, constantly playing shows and building audiences, is how a band is able to last so long. Lives and songwriting material may change, but the shows are constant.

Motion City Soundtrack performs Tuesday, June 26, 8 p.m. at Water Street Music Hall, 204 N. Water St. $16-$18. — DAVE LABARGE


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