Times: Cuomo plan would allow Marcellus Shale fracking in some counties


A New York Times article says state officials are discussing plans to allow natural gas extraction via high-volume hydraulic fracturing in some counties. But it would only be allowed in communities that support the technique’s use.

The Times says the proposal would limit high-volume fracking to sections of the Marcellus Shale deeper than 2,000 feet; the article includes a map illustrating that area. Fracking would be banned in state parks, the Catskill Park, national historic districts, and aquifers.

The plan is meant to limit the risks of groundwater contamination while allowing some natural gas development, the Times says.



  1. Jim Griepenburg · · Reply

    Dammit Cuomo, if we wanted a freaken Republican in office we would have voted for one. You better hope that this fracking process is as safe as the gas companies contend (or is it pretend) it is because if our water supply gets messed up there is no turning back.

  2. R Shaheen · · Reply

    A very wise choice! Keeping fracking out of the Great Lakes Watershed is imperative! On the other hand, regulated fracking in the selected Southern Tier Counties will permit it where pro-drilling forces are most interested, and in places that can really use the economic boost. Having local control as a fail-safe is another wise feature of this decicion.
    Once again, on economic issues the Cuomo Administration shows the wisdom in listening to all sides and acting in a reasonable way.

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