DEVELOPMENT: Bay proposal avoids eagles


Any large-scale development along Irondequoit Bay has significant potential to disrupt or harm the area’s sensitive environment. The developers proposing a 358-unit apartment complex on Empire Boulevard, next to Bazil, say they are aware of that fact. | During a presentation to the Penfield Town Board last week, project engineer John Caruso of Passero Associates said the project has been designed to avoid sensitive areas. | None of the buildings would be located in wetlands or their buffer areas, and they would not disturb the site’s steep slopes. And while the project site is adjacent to an active bald eagle nest, none of the buildings would intrude on its buffer zone, which is set under state law. And the project would include cleaning up a brownfield; there’s a former construction and demolition debris landfill on the site. Caruso said the developers — Southpoint Cove LLC, a partnership that includes the Daniele family, Morgan Management, and Upstate Brownfield Partners — are also considering a public lookout for the bay. | A public hearing was held on the project last week, but there were few speakers. One bay business owner said the three- and four-story buildings would block his view of the water.


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  1. Martin Petrella · · Reply

    Large scale development in the bay watershed will introduce acres of impermeable surface that will significantly add to the run-off to entering the bay and the lake. This run-off will no doubt contain fertilizer, pet excrement, salt, etc., putting more pressure on the these bodies of water, especially the bay. Take a look south to Conesus lake to see the problems over development is causing there before allowing more development on the bay.

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