NEWS BLOG: Not much good news on climate lately



The past couple of weeks have brought troubling climate news.

An article published in the journal Nature said that climate change is reaching a tipping point, reports the San Francisco Chronicle. If that point is reached, it’ll mean rapid and irreversible damage to the global environment.

The report joins scores of others highlighting the effect of human activity on climate change.

And last week, the Associated Press reported that atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations in the arctic have hit 400 parts per million. That hasn’t happened in at least 800,000 years, scientists told the AP. Globally, atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide are at 395 ppm, though scientists expect that level to surpass 400 ppm within a few years.

Scientists consider 350 ppm to be the highest safe level of atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations.



  1. b sarbane · · Reply

    Good grief, give it up. Even the Obama people have quit talking about “global warming” since it doesn’t exist. Now we have “climate change”. Of course the climate is changing — always has, always will. Rochester used to be under 5000 feet of ice. Now that’s climate change.

    1. Jim Griepenburg · · Reply

      Natural fluctuations happen over a long geologic periods of time. We are pumping so much CO2 into the atmosphere that we are changing the composition of the atmosphere in human lifespans. I don’t understand how people can not see this when the information is in plain sight. Climate change is real and its right around the corner unless we change our ways. Eventually global warming and climate change will happen. Think about it for a second. We are pumping CO2 into the atmosphere that would not be released under natural conditions at an extremely high rate. Answer me this: where does that CO2 go??? Want to see another planet where greenhouse gases are at unsustainable levels?? Read up on the planet Venus. Yes, man had nothing to do with Venus’ problems but we sure as hell have the ability to create hell on earth, literally. Do not think we don’t.

  2. If you’ve ever worked on a job site where say bobcats, cranes, dump trucks have and a host of other big equipment have been used, standing next to one – even just a dodge ram 4×4 will tell you that these all radiate heat. The more roads we build, takes away natural topography that filters rainwater, and reflects heat as opposed to absorbing it. The more subdivisions we build the more we reduce native plant and migratory animals, but beside that these subdivisions involve the replacement of trees or grasses with homes filled with appliances, computers, air conditioning units, water heaters, gasoline engine lawn mowers, leaf blowers, more cars, trucks and motorcycles. The more we drill baby drill, the more we pollute our water table, of course we have an answer – to filter it, using more machines, which emanate more heat. So Good Grief, if you think that all the “heating up” of the globe is just natural and out of our control, as if some mere fate like that of the ice age retreat (which took thousands of years to occur, as opposed to a couple of hundred, or even several decades), then you are delusional.

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