NEWS BLOG: Worth the read – Shrum on Biden, Bain, Hillary, and Obama


There’s a fascinating, long Robert Shrum column about the Obama campaign on right now.

Shrum is a longtime political adviser whose stints have included work on the Al Gore and John Kerry presidential campaigns. His column today pokes holes in two current developments related to the Obama re-election campaign: the criticism of Obama’s anti-Bain television ad and the suggestions that Obama dump Joe Biden as his running mate and substitute Hillary.

Shrum is obviously a partisan, pro-Obama Democrat, but regardless of your own leanings, this is a good read, with unique insights into the challenges and possibilities of the Obama campaign.

He’s full of praise for Biden, by the way. And there’s no chance, he says, that Obama will dump him.

And it’ll be interesting to see whether one of his predictions holds true: that if Hillary decides to run for president in 2016, she will be “nearly undefeatable in the Democratic primaries.” And, says Shrum, her support among African Americans, women, and, probably, every other demographic group would almost guarantee her election as president, giving us “16 progressive years in the White House.”



  1. j.a.m. · · Reply

    Ugh. Slick Willie chasing interns around the East Wing at the ripe old age of 78? Sorry, but that repulsive image is too “progressive” for anybody with a lick of sense.

    In any event, painful memories of Obama’s disastrous misrule will still be fresh enough four years hence that Romney will sail to re-election.

  2. And the bottom line, according to Shrum, is that if Pres. Obama runs on his record, He’ll lose. Fascinating.

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