EDUCATION: Most laid off teachers will be hired back


Bolgen Vargas. FILE PHOTO

More than 50 Rochester school district teachers are receiving layoff notices beginning today. About 25 teach special education, and 14 are math teachers, says Rochester Teachers Association President Adam Urbanski.

Only weeks ago, Superintendent Bolgen Vargas said he planned to increase the teaching staff in the fall.

Urbanski says the layoffs are due to lower enrollment and school phase outs, which consolidates classrooms and programs.

“We can’t make any hard and fast guarantees, but most if not all of the teachers will be recalled by September,” he says. As retirement and resignations are announced, positions become available.

Urbanski also says he believes that Vargas will hire more music, art, and physical education teachers. Vargas announced as much earlier this spring.

Dan DiClemente, president of the Board of Education Non-Teaching Employees, says he expects cuts to his union members, too, but that it will be fewer than 10 employees.



  1. Michael Eaton Mason · · Reply

    As a Parent in the Rochester City School District iam sad that Dr Varags whants to cut Special Education Teachers the problem some our kids have there is a great need for them in our District i do understand that threw people leaving and others who may find other jobs most of them will come back and i heard Dr Vargas say there would be no teachers let go in fact he stated that he would hire more teachers did he just say this to get the School Board to pass his Budget ?

  2. I don’t think Dr. Vargas *wants* to fire Spec Ed teachers, it’s just that enrollment and budget are forcing this on him. I’m sure he’d rather keep them all and hire more. That’s one reason for this non-announcement announcement regarding their re-hire. He’s kind of saying “please don’t look too hard for another job, we want you back, just be patient as we work it out.”

    At least that’s how I read it.

  3. Anonymous · · Reply

    What about the four business teachers they laid off? Right now there are a total of 17 business teachers laid off. I guess the city of Rochester does not believe that focus on career skills are necessary.

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