LETTER: An update on City Newspaper’s website

Along with astonishing opportunities and advantages, technology can bring serious problems. Late last week, technology’s downside struck us at City.

A major hardware malfunction at the company that hosts our website resulted in the site’s destruction.

While technicians deal with the restoration of as much of our data as possible, we are developing both short-term and long-term ways to provide a robust website.

Short-term, you can access a PDF version of our weekly print issue by going to http://issuu.com/roccitynews. And for the moment, we have created this very simple site on which we are posting all of our content: all of the articles from our weekly print version, plus the articles and blogs we post throughout the week.

While navigating this temporary site won’t be as easy as on our old website, it will enable us to continue to make our articles and blogs available – and readers will be able to post their comments on those articles.

In addition, you can post comments on our Facebook page and send us your thoughts on Twitter (@roccitynews).

And of course you can e-mail comments directly to us at themail@rochester-citynews.com, or send them by land mail to Feedback, City Newspaper, 250 North Goodman Street, Rochester NY, 14607.

We will continue to keep you informed about the site, and we appreciate your patience.

– Bill and Mary Anna Towler

Publishers, City Newspaper



  1. Janice · · Reply

    I feel your pain. Our site implemented a vulnerability “fix” a few weeks ago which totally wrecked our backend data interface. Technology – love it and hate it at the same time!

  2. bradrsaunders · · Reply

    Your team, not surprisingly, has done an excellent job of damage control. When I first hit your site, noticed the slashed content, clunky navigation, then theWordPress URL, my first thought was, “Oh no, what are they thinking?”. Discovering that this “new” site was in fact a temporary fix, I was both vastly relieved and quite impressed that your team was able to get this up and running so quickly.

    We in the Rochester region are amazingly lucky to have a newspaper with the courage and vision, the editorial chops and the amazingly talented staff that City brings to the table week after week, year after year. Good luck with the site reconstruction and thanks for for doing your thing so damn well.

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